Manage multiple DeFi protocols and positions utilizing a DeFi Smart Account or Avocado Smart Wallet

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The Best of DeFi in One App

Instadapp Pro gives you control of your finances with popular DeFi protocols, maximazing returns through automation and strategies.


The first decentralized lending market on Ethereum, allowing users to lend and borrow crypto assets with overcollateralization.


The largest lending market accessible across multiple networks, AAVE has innovated the lending market space through constant innovation.


Morpho builds on top of Compound and AAVE by enabling optimized interest rates through its P2P matching engine.

Instadapp Pro Brings you Unparalleled Features Advanced DeFi Users

Flashloan Strategies

Execute the most advanced transactions on your lending positions. Quickly leverage, unwind or swap liabilities using build in Strategies.

Simulation Mode

Run test transactions on your account without spending gas or learn how to DeFi in a forked test environment.

Private Transaction Mode

Prevent MEV attacks and frontrunning by sending your tx through private relayers.

Protection Automation

Automate unwinding of your loan positions to prevent liquidation penalties.

For Degens

Instadapp PRO

The ultimate platform for advanced DeFi users.

Maximize your assets with advanced built in strategies leverage and unwind in 1-click. Refinance between popular DeFi protocols and set up Automation to make the most of your assets' is a seperate line item.

Refinance between popular DeFi protocols and set up Automation to make the most of your assets.

Your complete toolkit for advanced DeFi management.

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