The Ultimate Web3 Wallet

Elevate your crypto experience with the most advanced account abstraction wallet.

Polygon zkEVM

What is Avocado?🥑

Instadapp expands the capabilities of DeFi making it easier to utilize this new technology.

Upgrade Your Web3 Experience

Network Abstraction

Connect to Avocado and access all of web3. Avocado abstracts networks making it easier to connect and use multiple DApps.

Unified Gas Balance

All transactions on Avocado are paid from your unifed USDC gas tank. Pay all gas fees in USDC using USDC from any network.

Swap and Bridge

Avocado brings you built in access to the best DEXes and Bridges from all networks on Avocado.

Own your Keys

Complete self-custodial smart wallet with recovery features.

See before you Sign

Avocado transactions will preview all balance changes, token allowances and changes in NFT ownership before you submit.

Get Started With Avocado

Step by step.

to Avocado
2Deposit Funds to your Avocado Wallet
all of Web3

Your Superwallet Awaits!

For Everyone


Avocado is your all in one web3 superwallet!

Avocado is the easiest way to transact on web3! Avocado makes it easy to explore DApps across various networks.

Avocado uses multi-chain USDC gas tank, top up once and transact everywhere!

Securely manage all your multi-chain digital assets with from Avax to Polygon zkEVM.

Chain Abstraction
Non custodial
Multisig Security
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