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Polygon zkEVM


Fluid Protocol is an advanced DeFi lending and borrowing platform offering high loan-to-value ratios, innovative liquidation mechanisms, and features like smart debt and collateral. It’s designed for efficiency, security, and offers one of the most user-friendly experiences in DeFi.

Avocado: One wallet for all web3

Avocado superwallet streamlines Web3. Top up USDC gas tank and easily interact on any network. Simplify gas management and focus on getting things done.


Instadapp Pro has everything you need to make the most from DeFi. Leverage, Refinance and migrate positions easily with built-in strategies, batch operations and automation. Instadapp Pro puts you in control of your assets.


Access the best DeFi Strategy just like the pros! Simply deposit stETH and Instadapp Lite will put it to work for you using the most popular DeFi protocols.

Instadapp Empowers Users and Developers With Enhanced Capabilities to Take DeFi to the Next Level

Ultimate DeFi Experience

Instadapp brings users the most advanced features to make the most of DeFi. From Automation to Vaults, Instadapp offers users many solutions and features to satisfy all kinds of users.

Dex Swaps
Account Authority
Smart Wallet
DSA Platform

Instadapp is Governed by INST Tokenholders

On-Chain Voting

Delegate your INST tokens and vote on-chain using Atlas.


Off Chain Voting

Vote on off-chain votes easily on Snapshot no gas required.


Join the Governance Community

For All Kinds of DeFi Users

From beginners to advanced users Instadapp creates products and protocols that delight and empower DeFi users.

For Degens


The base layer for future financial systems.

Tap into ever expanding Defi-yields from Liquidity Layer, lenders earn from across all borrowers on all protocols built on Fluid, getting the best rates.

Turn your debt into a yield producing asset with smart debt, reducing borrowing costs and creating new opportunities for traders to liquidate at minimum fees.

Unleash your capital with Fluid’s built in DeFi strategies, leverage, swap collateral assets and even debt swap.

Single Asset Vaults
Liquidation by Traders
Smart Assets
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For Everyone


Avocado is your all in one web3 superwallet!

Avocado is the easiest way to transact on web3! Avocado makes it easy to explore DApps across various networks.

Avocado uses multi-chain USDC gas tank, top up once and transact everywhere!

Securely manage all your multi-chain digital assets with from Avax to Polygon zkEVM.

Chain Abstraction
Non custodial
Multisig Security
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For DeFi Enthusiasts

Instadapp Lite

The longest running Leveraged Staked ETH strategy.

The easiest way to earn the most for your staked Ethereum.

Instadapp Lite utilizes popular and trusted DeFi protocols.

Simply deposit stETH into the Instadapp Lite vaults and start earning boosted staking rewards daily.

Admired by the Community
Popular strategy for ETH-Maxis
Favored by yield seekers
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For Degens

Instadapp PRO

The ultimate platform for advanced DeFi users.

Maximize your assets with advanced built in strategies leverage and unwind in 1-click. Refinance between popular DeFi protocols and set up Automation to make the most of your assets' is a seperate line item.

Refinance between popular DeFi protocols and set up Automation to make the most of your assets.

Your complete toolkit for advanced DeFi management.

Trusted by Yield Farmers
Favored by DeFi Strategists
Preferred by Fund Managers
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