Powerful DeFi Management

Aims to drive interoperability between protocols for power users and ease of development allowing developers of all stripes to start leveraging the full potential of Decentralised Finance.

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DeFi Smart Accounts

Smart contract account owned by the users to manage & optimize funds across any number of protocols

100% trustless

We ensures that there is no way to access your funds to make it as robust and secured as possible.

Build for developers

Designed for developers to build extensible use-cases and models with maximum security.

Developer First

Our platform is open to all sizes of developers, from solo-coders to a group of hackers to globally-scaled teams to build extensible products and business models on top of Decentralised Finance with maximum security and composability.

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Protocols you can start building on now.

We constantly improve and iterate upon every possible stack to provide access to the best protocols in the easiest way possible.















Frequently Asked Questions

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Instadapp is a platform that provides users and developers with a single point of integration to access all the DeFi protocols. We aim to make DeFi easier, scalable, and more secure for users, developers, and protocols alike.

Instadapp uses smart contracts to secure transactions and your assets are stored on a Contract Wallet. You can view everything publicly. All transactions are traceable and irreversible. Smart Contracts operate on algorithmic logic, formulated with accuracy and precision. We do not hold any of your assets.

Our platform is free to use. However, you must have enough ETH to carry out transactions and to pay any blockchain level transaction fees.

You can access InstaDApp from anywhere in the world provided you have access to your private key and internet.

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Interact with DeFi right from your browser console with just Javascript.

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