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Instadapp Protocol: Extensible Modular DeFi Middleware
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The premier interface for DeFi Enthusiasts! Create your DeFi Smart Account and access the most popular decentralized protocols and advanced strategies! Maximize your DeFi experience and get the most from your digital assets.
All the Yield, none of the work! Instadapp Lite gives all DeFi users the simplest way to access the best earning DeFi strategies. Simply deposit assets into your preferred Instadapp strategy vault and earn yield!
DeFi Smart Accounts
Smart contract account owned by the users to manage & optimize funds across any number of protocols
100% trustless
We ensure that the system is 100% trustless and only you've access to your funds.
Built for developers
Designed for developers to build extensible use-cases and models with maximum security.

Developer First

Build compelling use-cases and monetize their models to earn money by serving your users with high reliability.

  • Start with your own use case
  • Execute rapidly with Javascript
  • Open to all developer team sizes
  1. let spells = dsa.Spell()
  2. spells.add({
  3.   connector:  "maker",
  4.   method:  "open",
  5.   args:  ["ETH-A"],
  6. })
  7. spells.cast()

Make DeFi better for everyone

Create powerful use cases for your users with just javascript code, without worrying about smart contracts & expensive audits.

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