Frequently Asked Questions

What is InstaDApp?

InstaDApp is a decentralized bank - providing a user-friendly abstraction on top of composable financial primitives emerging on the blockchain.

Why should you trust us?

InstaDApp uses smart contracts to secure the transactions. Therefore, all transactions are traceable and irreversible. Smart Contracts are operated on algorithmic logic, which is formulated with accuracy and precision. You can view everything publicly. We do not hold any of your assets.

What are our fees?

No fees at the moment. You can use it as much as you want and you won’t be charged a penny. However, you must have enough assets while carrying out transactions to pay your gas fee and respective fees from the protocol will be deducted directly.

What type of wallets do we support?

Before you carry out any transactions on InstaDApp, you have to sign in to your web3 wallet. If you’re using Chrome or Brave, download metamask and set your wallet or if you’re using your phone connect we recommend Coinbase or Trust Wallet.

How can I connect with the support team?

Still have a question? or know ways we can improve? or just have some feedback? Connect with us on different channels via links below. We’re always happy to get in touch with you.

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